Zipped In

Zipped In
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 33
ePub: $ 2.99
ISBN: 9781005266936
Pages: 42

Zipped In: Gender Swap, First Time Feminization (The Girls Club - Book 1)

Max stumbles over a well-kept secret at his workplace, but sticking your nose or rather your entire body into something you probably shouldn't have, may come with severe side effects like being turned into a hot female, perhaps forever...

Ordinary guy Max and his friend James works at an exclusive girls club in the city where all the members are stunningly beautiful women. They all seem wealthy and successful and take little notice of him while he serves them drinks and brings fresh towels.

The club is fashionable, but part of it is shrouded in deep secrecy even to the staff. One day the curiosity gets the better of Max as he peeks into a box he has been asked to deliver to a new member. What he finds inside changes him dramatically.

Now turned into the beautiful young woman Maxine there is no longer any issues getting noticed by both women and men, as an exciting new world at the club worth exploring opens, but it comes with risks. What if it is discovered that Maxim is not whom they think she is before she finds the answer that hunts her mind: Can this change be reversed or is it permanent?

10,000-word, steaming gender-bender, male to female, bodysuit, feminization, adventure.