Lustmas is here: Tis the Season to Meet Holly

Tis the Season to Meet Holly cover

This all started as a funny idea between the members of the erotic writer’s group Filth Inc and ended up becoming the 12 Days of Lustmas where 12 amazing authors told their story as they experienced an erotic writer’s retreat in the Catskill mountains.

12 erotica authors.
12 days.
1 very naughty writer’s retreat
What could go wrong?

Daniela R. Lovejoy has a kinky and dirty mind that she uses to write her naughty stories. But going to a holiday writer’s retreat to meet her fellow erotica authors, she never expected to meet a woman quite like Holly.

She dares Daniela to finally embrace and explore her sluttier and submissive side for real instead of suppressing it. But each new dare will be a step that brings Daniela further down a path filled with debauchery. Is she ready, and more importantly, will she enjoy it?

Tis the Season to Meet Holly is a hot Christmas treat from Daniela R. Lovejoy, where the real world meets fiction in a tale of lesbian erotic romance, threesome, and bondage.

The 12 Days of Lustmas is 12 steamy stories from 12 amazing authors, and Daniela’s tale in the series is one you don’t want to miss!

Available on Amazon now for only 99c – Tis the Season to Meet Holly

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