New release: Naughty Swapped

A rumor? An urban myth? James is going to find out how real Fem-X-Dream’s pink gender swap pill is…

James is smart, a comic book reader, and sci-fi lover, but what’s the problem with that? Everything according to his best friend Thomas, who never fails to point out that’s the sole reason for James’ poor track record with women. Thomas, a top guy at his fraternity, invites him to a huge frat party but asks him to show up and be cool for once.

James finds inspiration in the alter egos of his comic book superheroes planning to change his style and show Thomas a different side of himself. But the occurrence of a shiny pink pill with special genderbending abilities changes everything, including James, a lot more than planned.

Now it will be a super sexy young woman who will attend the party, and maybe teach Thomas a long owed lesson, but this change may come with side effects and whole new erotic urges.

Naughty Swapped is a 10,000 word steamy story featuring genderswap pills, male to female transformation, feminization, menage, and explicit scenes.

This hot adventure is available worldwide on Amazon, Buy it here!