First Time Lesbians: 3 Erotic Gender Swap Stories

First Time Lesbians
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Pages: 94
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ISBN: 9798679459670
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Pages: 120
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ISBN: 9781005702373
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First Time Lesbians: 3 Erotic Gender Swap Stories

3 story bundle filled with naughty lesbian transformations.
This 30,000-word collection of gender swap contains the following romance stories:

Female Legacy
Out of work and in need of money, an inheritance from a strange uncle sounds just like the answer to all his problems if it wasn’t for an unusual outfit that changed him into a hot female, but is that so bad?

Alex has lost his job and in desperate need of money for next month’s rent. When he gets a letter from an attorney informing that he is the sole heir to the estate of his uncle, he expects his problems to be solved.

Going to the meeting with his friend and neighbor Sally, the hot lesbian exotic dancer, he learns that his strange uncle has vanished without a trace and left him all of his belongings. There seem to be little of value except for a promise of a world of unimaginable experiences if he dares and a special outfit that Alex tests out to shocking result.

Alex finds himself turned into a stunning female which Sally also finds attractive, can Alex change back and does he even want to, when he finds out how good it is to be a young woman.

My Lesbian College Love
Do you love me? Those words can be a life-changer in unexpected ways.

Tom has begun his sophomore year at college, but when his friend brings him to a frat party on a school night, he never expects to meet two girls, that in vastly different ways will change his entire life.

One an auburn-haired beauty who vanish before Tom even learns the name of his newly found dream girl. The other a mysteriously looking girl who offers him a chance to meet her again and test if she’s his true love.

Little does he know that accepting her offer will rapidly turn him into a stunning looking female...

Transformed into a Hot Babe
What to do when you have a crush on a hot lesbian girl, and you’re just a plain average man. Your employer has a secret experiment that can help you, maybe in a more different way than you ever had imagined…

Average guy Martin finds himself stuck in his daily life, partly because he’s just a plain man among thousands of other people at the huge science corporation, but mostly because he for months has had a crush on his sexy coworker Ida. A girl he can’t have because she’s lesbian.

When the company wants him to be the test person on a secret new project about “Change and Improvement” because they claim he’s the right man for the job, he accepts, in the hope, it will make him move up in the world. Little does he know that the experiment will make him go through a major transformation process that turns him into a model hot female.

Now left as hot brunette Martina with no idea on how it is to be a woman he seeks the aid of Ida, surely she can teach a thing or two, and maybe this change opens up for a whole new chance with the girl of his dreams.