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An old song once claimed that the best things in life were free… Maybe it was right because I got a whole new story called A Magical Night, and it’s free.

Yup, you read it correctly, to celebrate my new newsletter I give a copy of this new story for free to all who sign up and as an added bonus you’ll never miss out on when I publish new titles or offer a sale/freebie.

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Free story: A Magical Night


“What’s happening?”

Just relax and enjoy it.” She said with a satisfied smirk, taking a step back. It was like my body started to change. I turned my hands before my eyes, they became slimmer, my arms too, and the dark hairs vanished, revealing flawless, smooth skin. My clothes felt looser like it became larger… Wait, no, it was me who became smaller.

“What have you done to me?” I cried out, only to discover she’d vanished, I was alone again. Something tickled my chin; it was long locks of hair that slowly dropped down to my shoulders and beyond coming from my head. My chest change appearance under the loose shirt.

I needed to confirm a suspicion I was getting when I looked at the bulges forming. I tore it open so panicky that a couple of buttons burst off. Underneath a pair of huge breasts now stuck out from my chest scarcely covered by a dark red lace bra that created an impressive cleavage. I gawked with widened eyes and looked further down, checking myself. Beneath what looked like a slender female stomach and narrow waist curved a hip out, that still fit the width of my jeans. The legs of the pants hanged baggy and were too long to my lower height.

I unzipped them anxiously and pushed them past my hip.

Free story: A Magical Night

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