My Lesbian College Love

My Lesbian College Love: Transformation Romance
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 37
ePub: $ 2.99
ISBN: 9781005708559
Pages: 45

My Lesbian College Love: Transformation Romance

Do you love me? Those words can be a life-changer in unexpected ways.

Tom has begun his sophomore year at college, but when his friend brings him to a frat party on a school night, he never expects to meet two girls, that in vastly different ways will change his entire life.

One an auburn-haired beauty who vanish before Tom even learns the name of his newly found dream girl. The other a mysteriously looking girl who offers him a chance to meet her again and test if she's his true love.

Little does he know that accepting her offer will rapidly turn him into a stunning looking female...

11,000-word, steaming gender-bender, male to female, feminization, lesbian love story.