Daniela R. Lovejoy

Author of Erotic Romance


Out of work and in need of money, an inheritance from a strange uncle sounds just like the answer to all his problems if it was not for a strange outfit that changed him into a hot female but is that so bad?

Alex has lost his job and in desperate need of money for next month's rent. When he gets a letter from an attorney informing him he is the sole heir to the estate of his uncle, he expects his problems to be solved. 
Going to the meeting with his friend and neighbor Sally, the hot lesbian exotic dancer, he learns that his strange uncle have vanished without a trace and left him all of his belonging. There seem to be little of value except a strange promise of a world of unimaginable experiences if he dare and a special outfit which Alex tests out to shocking effect.
Soon Alex finds himself turned into a stunning female which Sally also finds attractive, can Alex change back and does he even want to, when he finds out how good it is to be a young woman.

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