Daniela R. Lovejoy

Author of Erotic Romance


The sequel to Zipped in and book 2 in The Girl Club series:

Max learned a deep secret of The Girls Club when he slipped into one of the club's special female skins meant for a wealthy new member and transformed into a bursty hot blonde girl. A search for clues that could tell if his new sexy female body was a one-way transformation or if he could turn back before what he did was discovered, have so far been in vain. But posing as Maxine at the club has let him experience how much he truly enjoys to be a girl in the steamed up secret members-only rooms in the back of the club.

Now, even more, determined he sets out to learn the full secrets of the club and the answers to his questions. But discovering those may come at a high price which put him in great jeopardy, but maybe also opens up for a whole new world of possibilities and life-changing options.

One thing is certain, the gender bending isn't over and things are heating up when he finds out if attempting to seduce his hot female boss is a good idea, or if developing a romantic crush on his best friend will bring any good. Even more so he'll learn that being a beautiful blonde may be good, but perhaps there's an even more alluring possibility.

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